It’s Very Chrismassy Around Here!

People are often surprised that a florists busiest time of the year is Christmas. It is true, from the beginning of December until the end people celebrate all the Winter holidays with fresh beautiful flowers and lovely, seasonal plants. Here are just a few of the hundreds we have delivered along the beautiful Central Coast of California. Blessings to All!

Say with Roses

Roses are still the Number One Seller. Year after year people choose roses to say “I love you” or “I’m Sorry” but they are also given for many other occasions such as Birthdays, Congratulations, Holiday Gifts, and Sympathy.

We carry a wide selection of both domestic and imported roses. The domestic roses are sourced along the Central Coast and the imported are premium roses from farms in Ecuador. Our Ecuadorian Roses are imported via Los Angeles and brought up the coast in refrigerated trucks. Whatever the source our roses are only the highest quality, premium roses and as always, their performance is guaranteed.

National Poinsettia Day


December 12th is National Poinsettia Day!

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is indigenous to Mexico where they grow wild. Lore has it that Pepita, a young girl, had no gift for the Christ on Christmas Eve and was encouraged, by an angel, to gather weeds for her gift. When the weeds were placed on the altar they grew into beautiful, star shaped crimson flowers which were named Flores de Noche Buena or Flowers of Holy Night.

In the early 1800’s they were brought to the United States by an amateur botanist named Joel Poinsett afterwhich the flowers were named Poinsettia.

The large showy bracts are sometimes confused for flowers but the flower is actually the unassuming little yellow portion in the center of the colorful leaves. To achieve the characteristic color the plants must have bright light during the day and 12 hours of darkeness per night for a period of about a week.

Poinsettias are sometimes thought to be toxic but this is simply not the case. Poinsettias are mildy irritating to some people and according to the POISINDEX information source – the primary resource used by the majority of poison control centers nationwide – a child who weighed 50 lbs. would have to eat over 500 poinsettia leaves to reach an even potentially toxic dose of compounds in the poinsettia plant.

Fruit Baskets



Fruit Basket of assorted Pears, Persimmon, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Raspberry, Nuts and Seeds and finished with jute roses.





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2015 Hebard Thanksgiving Party

So fun to create festive Thanksgiving Centerpieces for our client’s large Thanksgiving gathering. Fresh fruit and flowers galore to set the tone for the festivities.

November Extras

It’s Somebody’s Birthday!!!



















We do a lot of Birthday Arrangements, here is a sampling of just the birthday themed arrangements from the first half of November, this does not include the host of Birthday Floral Arrangements, Birthday Plants, Birthday Gift Baskets, Birthday Orchids or Birthday Blooming Plants we also delivered. With daily deliveries to all Central Coast cities, we are the florist of choice for thousands of people sending birthday greetings every year. Thank you for your continued support!

Plants – Natures Miracle Workers


We have been selling lots of plants lately, can’t seem to keep enough in stock. Green plants, Blooming Plants, Orchids and Gardens. If you want to improve your environment, add plants to your home. They naturally scrub the air of toxins and via photosynthesis they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Plants are really environmental miracle workers.

It’s Looking Like Autumn

Empty Bowls event to help fight hunger in Santa Maria Valley

We are pleased to provide this lovely, “organic” Autumn Bouquet for a VIP table at this year’s Foodbank Empty Bowls event. This annual event raises funds to fight hunger in the Santa Maria Valley.  Each year artist gather to create keepsake bowls in which is served up soup from local restaurants.

It was a pleasure to create this beautiful gathering of food and flowers arranged in a natural wood box. Pomegranates, Dianthus, Lilium, Rose Hips, Chili Peppers and more form this large, lovely, organic table centerpiece.

Foodbank Empty Bowls Donation

Foodbank Empty Bowls Donation


Source: Empty Bowls event to help fight hunger in Santa Maria Valley

Santa Barbara County Foodbank
490 W Foster Rd
Santa Maria, CA 93455