Just what I want to hear!!!

Each week, on Wednesdays, my assistant Donna calls people who have received flowers from our shop the previous week.  She only calls recipient’s who have received flowers for everyday giving, we don’t contact people in the hospital or where otherwise inappropriate. This feedback allows us to address any concerns and get very valuable feedback about our product and service. Quality, Freshness and Customer Service is the backbone of our business.

Of course, there are occasional bad reports and Donna immediately orders a replacement and a fresh arrangement is sent out. Fortunately we don’t have to replace flowers often but are pleased to do so if the flowers are not performing well. After she has made her calls, Donna places the tickets with comments on my desk for review. Here are the comments this week.

  • So Fresh and Beautiful Lovely
  • Beautiful
  • Absolutely Wonderful!
  • Really Enjoying!
  • Fine
  • Just Beautiful, really enjoyed it.
  • Beautiful!
  • Lovely
  • Fine
  • Perfect!
  • Beautiful!
  • Gorgeous!
  • Took it to the Studio & Everyone is enjoying it.
  • So Beautiful.
  • Delivery Person was so nice.
  • Like the way you brought the leaf up, wonderful.

I will sleep well tonight, thank you Central Coast, it really is a privilege to serve you.


Raisa Joins Rose of Sharon Florist Line-up!

I wanted to create a new, affordable arrangement for everyday giving came up with Raisa. A collection of Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and Succulent in a ribbed glass cube. Perfect and affordable for a host of occasions or just because.   Raisa is Now Live! and selling well.

Here is a table shot of one of the arrangements before heading to delivery staging, head over to Rose of Sharon Florist and check out the Product Shots.

Raisa for Julie

Raisa for Julie

2015-08-31 Design Room Photos

A few from the last couple of days


Seriously, I have tried to keep up with the postings but it has been way to busy to do a proper job. :)


Pimento Stuffed Olive

Pimento Stuffed Olive

Pimento Stuffed Olive


A client called and had a vision for a Pimento Stuffed Olive Standing Spray and here are the results. Her nickname for the deceased was Olive and this was a fitting tribute. Constructed of chrysanthemum and carnations and the requested Olive Branches.

A few of this Week’s Orders

Gaspar Funeral Spray

Ready for delivery

Ready for delivery

One of our lovely customers stopped in to order a funeral spray for a friend of hers. Mrs. Gaspar was known for her Portuguese Bread she lovingly baked for friends and celebrations. She was so known for her bread that our client wanted her memorialized in the standing spray.

we absolutely love to personalize the final gift one can give a friend or relative and so it was for Mrs. Gaspar’s standing funeral spray.

Mrs. Gaspar’s service was held at St. Louis de Montefort Church on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Lauriana Gaspar Obituary

Concierge Gift Service

One of our clients dropped us an email and needed a couple of gifts for a friend which was starting a new career. The recipient had become a real estate agent and was starting a job in a new office, she suggested a couple of items which might go into a gift basket, among them some Monopoly pieces to represent the real estate he would be selling.

Her suggestions go our juices flowing and so I decided to really make this a very personal gift to truly speak to his career, how special he was to the sender and even to city he was living in.

Every new professional needs to outfit their desk with a few essentials like a portfolio, paper clips, pens, drawer organizer and so forth so this was an easy start. We added energy bars for the hopefully long days he’ll have selling real estate and some of his favorite Diet Pepsi.

Filling the desk organizer with Monopoly houses seemed anticlimactic so I decided to create a half scale, detailed board game in the Monopoly themed and renamed it to Porterville where his new job begins.

Creating the Game Board

First, I created the game board in Photoshop. I consulted Google Maps for street names in Porterville and gave the properties local names.  Had I more time, I would have localized it even more with actual utility company names and maybe replace the railroads with local businesses. After I created the full size board, I re-sized it to half scale so that it would fit into a Priority Mail Box. This portion of the gift box was an artistic endeavor and I did not charge our client for the game board.

Once the file was created I printed it out on my color printer and trimmed it. I spray mounted it onto foam core board and then finished the edge with red Washi tape. (Really cool that Mia picked up a roll of Red Washi Tape on speculation)

Finishing Game Board

Finishing Game Board



Finishing Game Board

Finishing Game Board



All finished, the game board is packed for the photo booth. After the shoot we’ll re-pack the box as a gift and send it off to a much loved recipient.

Real Estate Professional Gift Box

Real Estate Professional Gift Box


The best part is I am now ready to make another custom Monopoly style game board for myself.

Voted Best Flower Shop for 2015

Thank you for voting us Best!

2015_Best_of_LogoRose of Sharon Florist was voted Best Flower Shop for 2015 in Northern Santa Barbara County, thank you for making that happen. It is you, our amazing customers and recipient’s of their gifts that drive us to be the best. Whether voted best or not, you are our focus and the reason we work tirelessly.

We are proud to be a part of a legacy which started over 60 years ago by our good friends Burt and Patty Trick. When we came on the scene thirty-four years ago we were young and silly and with very little talent. It was the warmth and acceptance of Burt and Patty which inspired us to learn. And learn we did from the very best. Our mentors freely gave of themselves, their knowledge and experience. They were consummate florists and business people, educated, talented and absolutely focused on their customers. Our journey had begun.

Along the way we have enjoyed the fruit of their experience along with Patty’s second husband Al Hooning who drove the growth of the Farrell’s Ice Cream chain and who took a personal interest in our success. While many in our industry focused on the personal accolades as designers, we learned to focus on our customers.

Now, nearly thirty-five years later, we have had the privilege of being an intimate part of thousands of lives along the Central Coast. Infants we designed arrangements for over a half century ago are now a part of our client base ordering flowers for their children’s birth, weddings and some even the death of their parents.

We have been in the midst of updating our showroom and the feedback is awesome. Stop by and see us and check out the ongoing progress.

You are the most important part of our success.

Thanks again for voting us Best,

Ron and Mia Rose

Rose of Sharon Florist2391

A few from the design room.

At Rose of Sharon Florist, we photograph each arrangement before it is taken to delivery staging.  This allows us to respond to a customer who might want a photo of the gift given or to duplicate a previous order. Here are a few from the last few days. We cannot load all to the blog yet, try as we might, as time just does not allow.